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Amelia Island Book of Secrets
The public assumes no treasure has been found on Amelia Island. Maritime Archaeologist Scott R. Jensen believes they are wrong.


Amelia Island Book of Secrets II
There are many secrets on Amelia Island; some are facts, and some are fiction! The author will go chapter by chapter and let the reader decide which are fact and which ones are fiction. (Excluding Chapter 7).
The author shall go into a brief history of Amelia Island; this will help the readers who have not yet read Amelia Island Book of Secrets to understand where the island is located and how it is set up geographically.


True Treasure Stories From Key West to Amelia Island
This publication takes the reader thru my eyes, it describes actual events that I have witnessed and taken part of. It starts in Key West Florida and continues up the coast to Amelia Island. During my excavations I have found airplanes, concrete trucks, bombs, land mines and of course treasure!